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Developing International Players​

Our Mission

We are an international basketball organization offering a unique personal development experience that prepares individuals to achieve the highest level of success.

Our holistic approach strengthens each individual and provides them with every competitive advantage. Our global platform gives each team member an array of exceptional opportunities.

Operating under our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Crusaders International, we aspire to positively impact lives by developing individuals the right way, one player at a time.

Coach Dip developing young players in Kunming, China.
what we offer

Our Programs

Our academy offers unique player development opportunities to prepare players for their desired next level



Crusaders International

Our Community

Based in Colorado Springs, CO, USA, our community outreach lies deep in our foundation. DIP Crusaders is a leading example of strong culture, diversity and inclusion, bringing many worldwide communities together. 

We meet the diverse needs of the community by offering a wide range of basketball programs. We desire to remove social, cultural, economical and political barriers to promote healthy lifestyles and togetherness. We take pride in being role models in our community, empowering each individual in our team to be the best they can be. As a result, we believe we can achieve stronger communities, families and friends worldwide.

Changing The Game

Why DIP Crusaders?

Exceptional Experience

With a focus on Developing International Players, the experience we possess and opportunity we present is a game changer in the basketball world.

Personalized Pathway

Our dedicated program is designed to meet each players unique needs in preparation for them to thrive at their desired next level of competition.

Crusaders Community

The Crusaders community stretches far and wide. Our global exposure and worldwide relationships push us forward as our community continues to grow.

crusaders voices


"The memory I keep from the Crusaders is a place of shelter, a safe haven for youth in the city...That was the place I could be vulnerable yet comfortable, knowing someone (either within the players, coaches or staff) would help find a solution to my problems, even those that were not sport related."
Vidal Kenmoe - Douala, Cameroon
Former Crusaders youth player and community coach
"I couldn't have imagined the impact the Crusaders would have on my life, when I walked through those double doors that first Saturday...The exceptional level of coaching, the inclusiveness of everyone involved and the friendly competitive atmosphere was exactly what I needed."
Dean Smith - Coventry, England
Former Crusaders youth player
"These (former Crusaders coaches) are some of the people who opened my eyes, challenged me to become someone, without them I wouldn’t be me...These guys shaped me and continue to shape the lives around me and always will."
Victor White - Nuneaton, England
Former Crusaders youth player

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