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Serving local players within our home base of Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, we provide a variety of programs for players of different age and ability groups with the goal of providing quality basketball training, instilling good values, and strengthening our local community. 

Local programs include skills sessions, camps and club team opportunities. 


DIP Crusaders Academy programs provide highly talented international prospects a complete development pathway towards a professional basketball career. Our elite training, detailed education and comprehensive mentorship, combined with exceptional global exposure ensures each athlete is best prepared for success at the next level of competition.

Short-term and long-term Academy programs available.


Our professional team will offer a genuine alternative for players who do not want to follow the traditional College/University route, providing them with a realistic salary while developing their skills through an unparalleled experience. We will play a wide selection of games against top quality teams across the globe. 

Due to the vast experience of our leadership team, we are able to provide each player with the opportunity to develop as a complete professional athlete and gain the necessary knowledge, preparation, and representation to excel at the highest level of competition. 

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