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dip crusaders academy

A year round, all inclusive professional development pathway focused on Developing International Players, where athletes receive the training, lifestyle and guidance for a successful basketball career. 



Elevate your game in 4 weeks! This intensive 4-week training camp offers an all around development experience to help players take their game to the next level and further their basketball careers. 



A primary focus of our player development training targets each athletes unique strengths and weaknesses to grow the players fundamental skill set and understanding of how to best utilize each skill.

Working with a highly trained and knowledgeable professional, Paul Weber, our athletes receive proper training and testing of the physical body with a basketball specific focus.

While our focus is basketball development, we recognize the importance of an academic education. Our trusted partners provide all the academic support for players in need of a High-School education.

The importance of the mental side of the game can’t go unnoticed. Our athletes receive the imperative teaching and resources for optimal mental health which directly supports their sports performance and overall wellbeing.

Proper athlete care is vital for any prolonged athletic career. Combining the resources with the understanding gives our athletes an opportunity to be on the court more and stay there for longer.

A factor that makes all the difference when done right. Not only do we provide a healthy, well-balanced diet for our residential athletes, we educate on what we consume.

FULL accommodation

Athletes live in shared “team” houses under the supervision of DIP Crusaders staff. Houses include all necessary amenities.

Locally catered, nutritional meals meet the everyday, essential dietary needs of each athlete.

Thanks to our partnership with the United States Air Force Academy, we reap the benefits of utilizing elite training facilities in a highly secure environment.

All local transportation is provided to/from practice and team related events (including pick up/drop off to and from Colorado airports*)

*Athletes are responsible for purchasing and booking their own flights to/from Colorado.


A rich history in basketball success, Crusaders basketball has helped develop thousands of players with former Crusaders currently playing in professional leagues across the globe.

Through the outstanding experience, knowledge, and resources available, our athletes receive mentorship in the most important areas regarding of their off-court basketball careers.

Our in-house agency will allow our athletes to focus on their role as a player leaving our qualified experts to help manage their career with genuine selfless guidance.

Every athlete as a unique journey. We diligently work with the individuality of each athlete’s situation to deliver a pathway personalized to maximize their potential.  

international experience

Crusaders basketball has experience in 40+ countries, providing with a deeper understanding of the global game of basketball and a strong worldwide network to utilize.

Playing an international schedule against top competition around the world provides our athletes a variety of playing styles, exceptional exposure, and outstanding travel experiences.

Due to our international background and recruitment, our team includes a diverse group of players and staff, combining people from all over the world.

Learning from the life experiences of the diverse makeup of our team members and getting to travel and learn first-hand offers invaluable life lessons and personal growth opportunities.

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